Winter / Spring Preparation Are Underway

  • Posted on: 21 September 2015
  • By: Gianni
Thanks to the city of Sutton for the Free Mulch!
Thanks to the city of Sutton for the Free Mulch!

Winterizing Projects

Rocket Mass Heater in the Greenhouse
Wood Stove addition in the TinyHouse
TinyHouse / Greenhouse Enclosure
Add 8 Solar Panels to the TinyHouse Array
Add Rock to Solar Dehydrator / Sauna for Thermal Mass
Add Rock to Greenhouse for Thermal Mass
Plant Winter Greenhouse plants

Spring Prep Projects
- @ The Cropland Amphitheater
prepare land for sustainability
Fruit Tree planting
Plow Plot for Sugar Cane
Steep Slope seeding of basil, chamomile, lavender, blackberry
- Other Areas
Bush Hog everything
Seed long term woodland crops
Prep our raised beds
Mulching (some)

Collect/create soil amendments leaves, compost, coco hull, saw dust

Other Farm Improvement
Remove pond lilies
Rotational Grazing Fencing

The above tasks are in addition to the regular preserving of this years harvests.  Harvesting and processing or dehydrating several pounds of a wide variety of produce and wild crafted food daily and making 12 gallons of wild crafted wine.


Looks like a lot of good progress. Glad you have the stove to keep you warm. Hope the other one is working soon.

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