Farm History

Glennard & Bea Hart on the HillsideWe would like to introduce you to Glennard and Beatrice Hart, who grew up within a couple of miles of each other, knew each other since childhood (their respective families worked together to introduce the first angus cattle in the county), and married in 1937. Glennard was an enterprising young man who established the acreage of his farm between his bride's family farm and his own father's farm as a labor of love. Through slow hard work, he cleared fields, drove fence post, timbered the forest, established meadows for his livestock, built outbuildings, and slowly added to his land holdings. In 1950, with two daughters born and another child on the way, Glennard built a modest brick home where the old wooden farm house had previously stood.

As was customary in the early 20th century, his beautiful wife, Bea, tended the family, the flowers, and the food, all growing vigorously on the Hart family homestead.  Together Glennard and Bea maintained a happy, healthy home for their three daughters, who were taught their parents' core values and contributed their fair share to the work of the family farm. As they grew into young adults, they were each encouraged to go beyond the milieu of their life on the farm to venture out into the world of opportunity that was seemingly boundless in mid 20th century America. In due time, Glennard and Bea's small family grew in number, to a future generation of a grandson and two granddaughters who also shared idyllic and work filled days here on the farm with their beloved grandparents.

Over the decades of their life together, Glennard and Bea remained steadfastly in love with each other and this land, living out their lives together in their home. They sensed the importance of maintaining their holdings as a legacy to be passed down to future generations. Their deep understanding of the importance of place and their vision of maintaining the rich heritage of bountiful and beautiful land with an eye toward future generations of their family showed great clarity and foresight.

Gianni & Chappell in the woodsWe can see no better work for social justice than conservation of the environment and its natural resources of soil, water, plant and animal life, while living close to the land. We feel the heart of their spirit still resides here, and we aspire to honor the memory of Gianni's grandparents, Glennard and Bea as we continue to collaborate with nature, building a sustainable sanctuary based on good, solid farming practices, that go well beyond organic production and into the self managing food systems collectively referred to as Permaculture. Like Glennard and Bea; we sincerely hope to encourage the same desire in the next generation of descendants already amongst us, so that this pattern may repeat itself for all the generations that come to rest and play here in this little piece of "almost heaven," long after we're all gone.

Chappell & Gianni
Wild Hart Farm