Round Robin Recipe Exchange

greetings wild hart farm friends! 

last season, one of our favorite things to do was to share recipe ideas with our customers. this year we would like to take this a step further by conducting a "recipe share," with an eye toward producing a collective cookbook at the end of the season.

wild hart fam will kick things off by offering a few of our favorite recipes based on ingredients that can be readily purchased through us and other vendors at the farmer's market. limited copies of these recipes will be available to our customer base in exchange for a copy of one of their favorite farm fresh recipes.

as with all new and experimental processes, the manner in which this project unfolds will most probably evolve over the course of the market season. for now, we think it wisest to instruct you to bring at least one copy of your favorite recipe to add to the collection, printed or written out neatly, so we can hand copy it for inclusion in "available" round robin recipes. multiple copies would be nice, but this is not a necessity for participation. we plan to have 3 on-hand copies of each recipe available for trade each week. 

if you would like your recipe to be included in the collaborative cookbook, it is necessary that you print your name clearly on your recipe card and if you would like to supply a tidbit of background information on your recipe entry, please feel free to do so, as this can only add interest to the project.   

stop by our booth to check on further details regarding this project.