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Hart Family Heirloom
Cleome Seed

Cleome was a popular garden flower in the 1930's.  It serves to attract all the pollinators you want, and through our experience here at WHF, it seems to ward off deer and racoon.  We have encouraged their spread throughout our gardens for these reasons; however the flowers --also known colloquially as stink weed-- have a distinct smell that some liken to Marijuana.

We decided to name our Cleome after Bea Hart, because these flowers first sprang up after we started tilling rows in her former garden space here on the farm. Their population increases each year, even though we harvest as many seeds as we can.

We use our profuse over-stock of Cleome seeds to add a unique tang (which we describe as a garlicky flavor) to some of our favorite dishes. 

They can be used whole & crunchy, or as a ground spice.

100 plantable or edible seeds

Bea's Knees & Corn
Bea's Knees & Corn