Stevia Leaf is a natural plant that is many times sweeter than processed sugar. Indeed, stevia is the plant from which the artificial sweetener is extracted and processed by Coca-cola (Truvia), Pepsi (Pure Via) and other food corporations. Unfortunately, the extraction process introduces chemicals and gmo products that are considered unhealthy. To find out more about this you can read this article.

Our dried organic plant product can be used easily in the same manner as the processed product and is much healthier for you in the long run. We caution everyone to use a small amount of the organic leaf, as too much of the plant matter will produce a "medicinal" after taste. in other words.

WHF's justevia is 24 grams of fine ground 100% organic stevia leaf.  It contains no fillers or additives, such as is found in commercial products whose primary ingredient is dextrose, or gmo corn syrup.  A little goes a long way as each jar of our pure stevia contains the equivalent of approximately 20 pounds, or 48 cups of granulated sugar.

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