Organic Bean Fed Sorghum Molasses

Made from Dale, Delta & Suger Drip Sorghum fertilized by our Mountaineer 1/2 runner beans.  Cooked thick & sticky in a vintage evaporator system for a strong, nutritionaly dense flavor.  This molasses is gooey, dark golden and excellent on a spoon, biscuit, oatmeal or cookies.
$20 per quart - SOLD OUT FOR THIS SEASON

Sweet Sorghum Syrup
Made from conventionally grown Suger Drip Sorghum.  This is a thinner, syrupy golden molasses cooked pioneer style in a large kettle.  This molasses is best on pancakes and waffles, drizzled on yogurt, cereal or ice cream.
available $15 quarts or $8 pints

Sorghum patch
Sorghum patch