Perilla Frutescens
or Fresh

Perilla, also known as Shiso or Korean Basil, has long been used in asian cuisine. Here at Wild Hart Farm, it is a personal favorite tea of ours. Wildharvested at the peak of it's season and carefully air dried, It brews up into a delicious full-bodied tea with refreshing minty notes.  

Perilla is considered a "warming" herb in traditional chinese medicine that strengthens the body's immune system, and helps to regulates qi or blood circulation. Like Basil and Tulsi, it also helps to quiet a troubled stomach or agitated mind promoting a deeper and more peaceful sleep.

Perilla is rich in vitamins and minerals. Its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties provide relief from headache, flatulence, nausea, skin rash, asthma and joint pains. It has traditionally been used to provide relief from meat and seafood poisoning.

A brief article on Perilla.

Small Dried Bag
or 25 Seeds