Wild Dagga


Leonotis Leonurus
Leaf or Flower Pedals

Leonotis Leonurus, commonly referred to as Wild Dagga or Lion's Tail is an herb in the mint family.  It is a beautiful South African bush that grows to 6 feet or more in height and has whorls of striking, velvety orange flowers.

Wild Dagga contains Leonurine, which is a psychoactive known to produce states of concentrated focus as well as contentment/relaxation. It is smoked traditionally or brewed into a tea.  The tea however needs a lot of help with sweetener and good flavors in order to be a pleasant drink. 

The psychoactive alkaloids are most-concentrated in the flower petals.

Dagga is a common ingredient in herbal smoking blends in the western world.  It does not mimic the effects of any illegal drugs, it has a character and effect all its own, and, it's completely legal to possess anywhere in the world.