Achillea Millefolium

Yarrow is a biannual perrineal that grows freely here on Wild Hart Farm. Yarrow has a long history of usage in traditional or folk herbalism. It has been in use since ancient times up until the end of World War I, and some of it's common names such as woundwort or soldier's wort, belie its use to staunch bleeding wounds. Yarrow is much more than a coagulator for wounds, it tones the blood vessels at the same time as dilating capillaries and moving the blood, and as herbalist Matthew McDonald says, "Yarrow knows what to do with blood." Yarrow is a great equalizer, of the vascular system and the esteemed herbalist Matthew Wood lists it is the "indispensable blood remedy".

Yarrow is also used in its tea form to help alleviate symptoms of cold and flu and we use it here on the farm when we feel the effect of either coming on.  

Cooking with Yarrow by Forager | Chef, Alan Bergo.

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* Not recommended for pregnant women

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